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Oscars 2014 Best Makeup

Finally the moment we were waiting for! The 86th Academy Awards Ceremony took place this past Sunday and there is lots to talk about. I would like to congratulate all the Oscars 2014 nominees and wow… what a great event.  I absolutely love Ellen DeGeneres and the pizza moment really shows how real she is! The picture with Ellen and the stars eating their slice of pizza actually crashed twitter.

       Ellen DeGeneres      Lupita

Lupita Nyongo was the biggest star of the night and took home the Best Supporting Actress Oscar and also made everyone best dress. It was an amazing experience for all the viewers when “12 Years a Slave” won Best Picture.
Steve McQueen dedicated the honor to those who suffered slavery and “the 21 million who still endure slavery today.” “Everyone deserves not just to survive, but to live,” said McQueen. This was for sure the most important speech of the night and a great honor to the legacy of  Solomon Northup.


Now let’s talk makeup and fashion. I have to say all the celebrities looked fabulous on the red carpet but my best dress goes to “Best Actress” nominee Sandra Bullock, she was absolutely stunning in her deep navy blue gown. Sandra body left me speechless in the movie gravity and the actress mentioned that she started working out 6 months prior to shooting and everyday while they were filming.

Sandra glow is perfection and she also made the list for my top best Oscar makeup. I love the natural makeup look with the nude lip.
I think that Sandra and Lupita really served us glam, dream and the fabulousity that we love to see from our favorites celebs.

During her Oscar acceptance speech Lupita said that she realized that she can accomplished great things just by being her self. She is the prime example that hollywood success story does happen but most importantly I am proud to see how people and the media is reacting to her natural african beauty.

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