Quick tips to apply strip eyelashes





False lashes are more popular now than ever! We see ladies wearing lashes on the red carpet, at parties, to the office and on a day-to-day basis. Many of you want to also rock this fashionable makeup trend so we are now sharing the easy steps to apply false strip eyelashes.

Step 1: Clean your eyelashes so they are free of makeup, mascara and oily residue.

Step 2: Open your package of strip lashes and measure the eyelash extension compared to your natural eyelashes where the strip eyelashes will be applied.

Step 3: Trim the strip eyelash if needed with scissors.

Step 4: Apply a small amount of the adhesive glue directly on the fine base of the strip or if you afraid to put too much glue, you can squeeze the glue onto a disposable plastic or other surface and slightly dip the eyelash base in the glue by following the shape.

Step 5: Using a curved tweezer, pick up the strip lash by the tip and apply the glue eyelash to your natural lashes starting from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. While applying the strip lash around the curvature of the eye try to place the strip a close as possible to your eyelid for a more natural finish.

Step 6: Once the strip lash is applied, use the tweezer or your finger to tap on the base and secure the false eyelash on your eye.

Step 7: Repeat the entire process for the other eye.

Step 8: When both strip lashes are completely dry you can curl or apply mascara and eyeliner if you want.