How to create an ombré lip

Ombré lips are one of the hottest makeup trends from last spring and summer but that are still very current. Let’s share an easy ombré lip technique and few color combination that we love.

Ombré lips may look hard to achieve but it’s actually quite easy. All you need to create a easy style is two lipstick color that are somewhat contrasting and complementary at the same time. For a more bold and dramatic look you can add more colors but be sure to blend really well and that the shades are flattering to one another.



Follow the step by step process below to create the perfect ombré lip look:

  1. 1. Start by contouring your lips with a lip liner to provide a base for the lipstick.
  2. 2. Apply the first lipstick color (the darker shade) of your choice on the top lip only.
  3. 3. Apply the second lipstick color (the lighter shade) onto the bottom lip only.
  4. 4. Press your lips together to blend the two colors.
  5. 5. Use your lip brush to clean excess makeup and blend in.


Yes, it’s that easy! If you want to play with multiple shades of lipsticks simply apply the colors from top lip to bottom lip and blend in by pressing your lips together. Only use a lip brush if the lip colors don’t flow together and add a touch of gloss for extra shine.