who we are

Aida Cosmetics is a cruelty free and natural plant base cosmetics brand. We celebrate beauty in all women!

We firmly believes that “every day, we should do something to express her own uniqueness. It’s bad for the mind to continually be part of conformity.”  With that in mind, Aida cosmetics creates a makeup  path of vibrant colors, quality makeup and shades for all skin complexion.
It’s a new beauty eye-deal. Wild, fun wonder eyes. Sensual eyes that definitely make positive eye contact.
12 shades including the very popular Yes Yellow , Neon Green, black diamond, Blink Pink and more…
A memorable kiss can be accomplished only with the softest, most luscious lips. For kissable  fullness,  Aida’s Spectacularly intensely pigmented lipsticks maximize lush lips and stay color-put all day.
You can Now toss in the best gloss, Go Light on My Lips, designed for long wear. Contains antioxidant vitamin E and natural vanilla extract.
Born to Blush in 10 different shades .  A  special light weight and well pigmented formula which glides on smoothly and evenly.
Face Primer 
A top selling product. A makeup base primer that gives a matte, silky smooth finish. Aida Cosmetics face  primer is what you need to keep your makeup in place all day. Apply a small amount to clean skin. It helps minimize the appearance of fine lines, smoothed the skin textures and keep the foundation in place.
Cream Foundation & Powder Foundation 
in a compact form. A moisture enriched formula that blends easily to hide skin imperfections. Apply as creamy and set as powder for extremely long staying power. Available in 12 different shades.
The dual powder foundation can be worn alone for light makeup application or on top of foundation for complete coverage. It can be used as foundation when applied with dampened sponge.( we recommend this for oily and combination skin. Drier skin wear it best dry. Available in 9 different shades.


Owner & CEO


The inspiration behind Aida cosmetics is  the internationally celebrated, French -born  makeup artist  and visionary entrepreneur Aida Danielle,   Aida’s story is the stuff legends are made of. She was born with a head for business.
Aida started her career at the age of 18 with modeling and later by teaching modeling courses for a well-known modeling school. Her, partner Amberly Olguin joined the company in 2011, her background as an event planner / public relations was a great addition for AIDA Cosmetics. They quickly recognized the benefits of each other’s expertise towards the versatility and creativity for AIDA Cosmetics products. Aida and Amberly both strongly believe that every woman should feel beautiful and glamorous without having to spend a fortune on cosmetics products. That shared belief is what led Amberly to become a partner in 2012.
Aida explains “I’m a big risk-taker, and America has given me the chance to take calculated risks. This gave me more room to think of new ways of doing things.” Aida is a pioneer in the new wave of cosmetics: daring, experimental, gloriously non-conforming , which is why Aida  has become the magnet for those in quest of a makeup that expresses a woman’s creativity and individuality.  Her philosophy of beauty is a powerful fusion of expertise and experimentation.   
Her makeup products are ideal for those wanting a beauty experience that transcends the ordinary into extraordinary territory. Aida says:  “ I have devoted my life to maximize my special holistic approach to achieving the perfection of beauty.”  The great streams of quality products and spirituality are finally coming together with Aida.  In pursuing a quest to obtain the best beauty products, Aida  created a meticulous approach towards perfection, taking  makeup to the highest level. She  insisted on recruiting only the best chemists in the field to formulate her makeup concepts, and  by using only the purest ingredients. All products are • Hypoallergenic• Fragrance free. Allergy tested• Non-comedogenic • Manufactured in North America
Aida’s team is a visionary one who are always open to new ideas and who strongly encourage innovation. They are dynamic and lead by example, motivating others by setting high expectations while rewarding those who strive for excellence. Her  team members have described her  as “a champion at empowering other people.”
Currently, AIDA Cosmetics has made and will continue to make a significant impact in the US market and is now expanding to Europe and Africa with their involvement in charitable social initiatives (Breast Cancer campaigns & Kids Cure etc…) along with their awareness of social / cultural diversity.
As Amberly said: “sometimes the world is a dark place and that’s when you gotta paint it another color” so I am painting the world with Aida and showing every make up lover that they are beautiful!”