All our products are:
• Hypoallergenic
• Fragrance free
• Allergy tested
• Non-comedogenic
• Manufactured in North America

ALL About Beauty!

AIDA Cosmetics, LLC (Aida Makeup Cosmetics) was started in Los Angeles by makeup artist Aida Danielle in 2008. The owners are Aida Danielle and Amberly Olguin. Aida Danielle is the original founder; she was born in Paris-France and Amberly was born in the United States.
Aida started her career at the age of 18 with modeling and later by teaching modeling courses for a well-known established modeling school.
Amberly joined the company in 2011, her background as an event planner / public relations was a great addition for AIDA Cosmetics. They both quickly recognized the benefits of each other’s expertise towards the versatility and creativity for AIDA Cosmetics products. Aida and Amberly both strongly believe that every woman should feel beautiful, glamorous and have access to quality cosmetics products no matter the skin type. That shared belief is what led Amberly to become a co-owner in 2012.
Currently, AIDA Cosmetics has made and will continue to make a significant impact in the US market and is now expanding to Europe and Africa with their involvement in charitable social initiatives (Breast Cancer campaigns & Kids Cure etc…) along with engagements of businesses and celebrities endorsements and awareness of social / cultural diversity.
AIDA Cosmetics continues to be client focused and to offer their customers amazing products, fabulous make-up quality and an unbelievable color selection for ALL makeup lovers.

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